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To Fire
11 November 2013

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Divine Flame 3
1 June 2017

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All in a herd..
12 July 2018

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Etched in my memory
3 July 2018

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At His feet..
29 June 2018

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Tearing through the sky !
17 February 2018

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a view from the top 2
23 June 2016

Recent Comments

Elaine Hancock on The Tempting heap
A fabulous image! They look delicious!

Michael Rawluk on The Tempting heap
Mmmmmm. Very tempting.

Irene on The Tempting heap
Nice image. Usually when one gets out of the city and sees a fruit stand, its cheaper there.

Steve Rice on The Tempting heap
A beautiful image of all the fruit. They look tempting.

tataray on The Tempting heap
Good, good... Fruits. J'adore.

Steven on The Tempting heap
Great way to fill this frame with so many mangoes!!

Nicou on Three delicious mangoes
Comme ils sont peudus sueprbe compo amitié

Nicou on The Tempting heap
Merveilleuses formes et vue quel rendu sur ces fruits sueprbe amitié

Tomek on The Tempting heap
Nice composition.

Ruthiebear on The Tempting heap
Beautiful how they fill the frame

Existence Artistique on The Tempting heap

Mhelene on The Tempting heap
Superb framing !

grouser on The Tempting heap
I don't want to hear how much they cost, it's bad enough just seeing these beauties

Dimitrios on The Tempting heap

Willem on The Tempting heap
Photographed in a fun way.

omid on The Tempting heap
Mmmm...! :) Lovely!

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on The Tempting heap
Oh yeah !!it is tempting !

Hiro on The Tempting heap
I envy you !

Martine Libouton on The Tempting heap
Magnifique ! Une belle prise

badtgv on The Tempting heap

Ronnie 2¢ on The Tempting heap
Love the presentation . .

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on The Tempting heap
De bien jolis fruit prêts à être consommés.

yoshimiparis on The Tempting heap
delicious mangoes. In Martinique, I tasted apple mangoes at the foot of the tree, a wonderful taste memory

suzanne on The Tempting heap
Oh ! De quoi commencer agréablement ma journée ! :-)

Kyu on The Tempting heap
It looks so fresh and sweet. Wonderful capture.

Jypyä Pop on Three delicious mangoes
I think, I must to buy mago of supermarket.

Jypyä Pop on The Tempting heap
It's wise to buy from where to get the most

Michael Skorulski on The Tempting heap
A great composition of heaping sweetness.

Irene on Three delicious mangoes
Please send some my way !

Harry on Three delicious mangoes
take one down and pass it around and two tasty mangoes remain

Hiro on Three delicious mangoes
Must be delicious !

Michael Rawluk on Three delicious mangoes
Another tasty shot.

B. Thomas on Three delicious mangoes
Lovely image.

Elaine Hancock on Three delicious mangoes
A beautiful image. They are such a nice size! Lovely color.

Steve Rice on Three delicious mangoes
The ripe one takes on pretty colors.

Tomek on Three delicious mangoes
Amazing fruits.

Jeff & Pat on Three delicious mangoes
Coincidence ! we had a Mango Salad tonight ...And your shot is almost as good as my Salad . ;>))

Sam on Delicious...fresh..
A fine picture of these delicious looking fresh mangoes. Excellent composition and lovely light. I also like mangoes. ...

Sam on Three delicious mangoes
What a beautiful shot. Lovely capture of these three mangoes. I like this Devi. :)

Willem on Three delicious mangoes
Very well photographed.

Don on Three delicious mangoes
The ripe mango looks delicious. A fine close up of these great looking fruits.

Graciel·la (Vic. Catalonia) on Three delicious mangoes
Another attractive shot of this fruits.

Ruthiebear on Three delicious mangoes
I love the name which really fits the shape. Lovely image

Nina on Three delicious mangoes
again a fine shot, Devi :))

Mhelene on Three delicious mangoes
Beautiful image .

grouser on Three delicious mangoes
The name certainly fits the bottom one perfectly :)

Martine Libouton on Three delicious mangoes
Rhooo oui j'adore elles ont l'air super bonnes

Existence Artistique on Three delicious mangoes

Michael Skorulski on Three delicious mangoes
Wonderful and sweet.

badtgv on Three delicious mangoes

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